Most of the time people mistake dating with just having a relationship with someone. Coming to the go, dating is different from a just relationship. Dating and Relationship health;

when people are in a relationship they don’t have much commitment to someone you are in love with. You don’t worry if the person doesn’t call you or is away for some time. When in a dating territory you are so committed that you don’t do most of the things without considering them.

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Dating and Relationship health

The difference between dating and just being in a relationship is a little bit gray. This is because you hardly know when the switch happens. Although there is a difference in the field. Which we will discuss below. Dating and Relationship health;

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When on a date you consider the second party first before you take a decision. You make sure or know all her conditions.

In dating, both of you have agreed on a certain term, which you struggle to fulfill. Example, you are invited to a party and the first thing you consider is if both of you can go. You consider your office as a place that you will like to have her around. Introduce her to all your friends, and even to your family. It became an obligation to call every day. You can’t have a plan without her being involved in the plan.  Dating and Relationship health, this is the reasons that you are in a Date.


These are what people have mistaken to dating which often leads to heartbreak. A relationship is not always defined; It grows and grows without looking at its root. And when it has overgrown it will fall due to it doesn’t have root. In this, you hang out, enjoy together, careless if he doesn’t call for the whole day. The second party doesn’t care about you’re your financial status in the little hangout, all he wants is let us eat whatever I want. Although it can be very sweet, that is why it grows so fast, at the same time falls at every little thing that happens to it.


Dating and Relationship health

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Relationships are what make human life worthwhile. Most of the time one cannot achieve self-actualization without others in life. So psychologically it is advisable to have a relationship and get connected with people. A good relationship enhances behavior and goes a long way in fast achieving self-realization. To be healthy you most have a healthy relationship with people, for they go along way to determining who you are. Life is all about others, so you need to have a good relationship with people, so you can’t be healthy. believe it or not, most of the sickness of a human being is psychologically base.


A relationship most of the time are what makes you who you are. Dating and Relationship health;

Have a good relationship and you have 50% health. Don’t go into dating without when you are not ready. A relationship is less stressful and free of much emotion. Don’t get attached to a relationship because it often leads to heartbreak while you can do so in dating, for that is what makes it.


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