Facebook.com as a social network is one of the best communication sites which helps you connect with thousands of people, lovely family, lovely friends and relative to shear photos, voice note, videos etc…
Facebook the best social network keep really helping many families, friend, relatives, and people to get in contact with their far and near loved one whom they have seen or not seen for many years.

How is it possible? FB Voice and Video calls? doing a FBook video call just like face to face contact with the person who is many kilometers away from just like connecting from united state to South Africa so a far distance still Facebook as a nice platform has made it very easy to get in touch with both known and unknown lovely people of this our planet.

how to make facebook Video calls

Meanwhile, Such an awesome social network which you should not fail to Join and Below are the procedure which can help you register facebook so easy and very fast


As we all know FB has been the very most popular social network millions of  chat people always like to find with, please make sure that after going through our easy steps today you are going to sign up for Facebook new account please it is free just little data plan or airtime you can just register and start connecting with millions of people as we stated above.


Free face to face call

Free chat with face-book

Share trending information with Face-book

Facebook free voice call

Share ideas with friends on face-book

Meet with Facebook new friends

Free to register new Facebook account

Make free HD video call

Instant messaging with Facebook

Instant notification

Correct birthday notification

Correct event notification

Free Business advertisement

Free page creation

An instant friend request from any part of the world

All the above features are what you will enjoy when you register from the link provided below for your registration from the official Facebook site.


STEP 1 You have to open your internet web browser either from your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.
or To be easier for you follow the link by clicking on any of the visit icons <<Visit>>

STEP 2 Click Face-book sign up account

STEP 3 Fill the form provided to you as written below

  • Enter your first name
  • Enter Your Last name
  • mobile number
  • Email address …

Click on Facebook submit Button

If you have filled the form and have submitted as instructed, then you have successfully registered a new Facebook account.

 facebook messenger



Before now Face-book said everyone must be up to 13 years of age before joining the Social platform but today all have changed as FBook provides Messenger Kids.

Messenger Kids as the name and design imply is a part of Face-book Social media for kids who are below 13 years and this new platform works only from the parent account, where the parents can watch the activities of their children in terms of the following…

Who they are chatting with…

What they chat

How they chat

Who they call

Who calls them and more…

Note that all the activities of the Messenger Kids are being monitored by the host parent account.

What is a Facebook Host Parent Account?

This is the normal account which is made for 13 years and above age beings today who have interest on face-book chat and Business growth.

Face-book Messenger App download is available free for all device today be it Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smart mobile phones. It is left for you to know the best App store where you can download to install Facebook messenger free.

Google play store is the most trusted Android App store but still, there are still some other stores like Palm play store, Mobo markets and more. iTunes is also there for all Apple device, Windows store and Blackberry App world is still available.

Messenger App is also available for desktop and Laptop device but it is a web-based format, This means it is the same with mobile or Tablet Messenger App but you must login it with a web browser like …

Google Chrome

Firefox browser

Opera mini

UC Browser

Yandex browser

Samsung Internet and more others

Also, if you have a Hacked Facebook account you can follow the procedure to recover your account in few steps both the account and password recovery a made understandable here – Facebook Account and Password Recovery Guide.

Do you have active email address? but you still which to create a new email address, Follow the registration guides from the different email service providers…

Get your free email registration now

Google account review

Yahoo mail review

Microsoft account review

Yandex registration

QQ Mail Id registration

Any request or complaints use the comment box below and share your experience with friends today.


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