Google Adsense a free and Continous Revenu Generator;

How? … with Google Adsense online platform owners like blog or Site etc;

Adsense program is free of charge; Why? …Before I answer the question of why Google Ads are free I will like to throw this Questions to your all.

Google Adsense and its Benefit

Google Adsense

How Helpful is Google to you in your Business place, School, home and other places you are currentlye.g Residence, region, country or Continent?

The Generosity of Google in helping upcoming Bloggers and online Platform owners to earn as they work daily from every location in the world.

Facebook being the giant of all social media can’t offer such help free of charge rather you have to pay for before Making your content on facebook go Viral <How to Advertise on Facebook>.

Dear Reader, you have made the best choice to Blog for cash rather Than just wasting your internet data plan and time on the online social platform.

Am not disputing the fact that we all need to be very social in this life; still, no one can stand on his or her own with one or two others around to support even the richest men on earth can not do without the help of the poor in the society today.

A nice decision when made is well appealing and I believe you have made the right choice. Now, we rid on with the business of the day. What is the Business? ….

More to Share on ‘How To Create | Apply | Approve Adsense Account‘. But before we start, First let deal will Adsense Requirements.

Google Adsense Requirements

It’s True that Google Ads Programme is free of charge but you need to pass through some requirements before your Adsense request will be accepted. There we are going to help you with the basic and complete Google Adsense Approval requirements; Count on us on this;

  1. Host with a good hosting company
  2. Create your Platform e.g Blog or Site
  3. Install a clean Theme on your Blog e.g Top and Best10 WordPress Theme
    1. Create the Following Page on your blog
    2. About us
    3. Privacy and policy
    4. Terms and Condition
    5. Contact us
  4. Make you Homepage both mobile and PC interface friendly
  5. New Google Account for your platform (I recommend you don’t use your previous Google Address. Pla ease get a new one it’s free;
  6. Unique and Originality Content
  7. Search Engine Optimization of content
  8. Google WebMaster Tools Registration (GWT).
  9. You must have more than 25 posts before applying for AdSense
  10. I recommend you to use SSL certificate on your site ‘HTTPS://WWW or HTTPS://‘.

Let’s get deeper with Google Adsense review;

How to Create a Google Adsense Account

As simple as ABC is Adsense Account Registration. The steps a few and easy to do, please just follow my guide below;

  • Launch a web browser from your device and Get to this Address
  • Tap on Sign Up Button on the homepage to proceed
  • Enter your Platform URL like
  • Enter your Active Email Address
  • Tick the following Check box to get helpful AdSense info at that email address
    1. Yes, send me customized help and performance suggestions
    2. No, don’t send me customized help and performance suggestions
  • Click on the Save and Continue Button to send yours requires.
  • Copy the Adsense Code and Follow the steps on how to past AdSense code for Google Approval.

Steps  on  how  to  past Google AdSense code for Google Approval

Now, you have to use the code carefully by posting it to the main header of your Blog or site,

Blogs on WordPress makes Themes which you can get one free from the Best 10 WordPress Themes. Meanwhile, not every blogger blogs make use of a custom template, Why? … Most of the Blogstop bloggers do not know how to Install templets on their Blog. Please, these steps will guide you better <Howto install bloggers blog templates>.

Once you have a theme on your platform, here is what you should do; I will be using WordPress to make an example here.

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard @ Site URL + wp-admin
  2. Scroll Down to Appearance and Select Editor
  3. Click on Theme Header and pest code between <head> and </head>
  4. Click Update File button below to Apply changes

applying the google adsense code

Recommendation for Better organic traffic

Post content everywhere it makes sense. Shoot everywhere. SERIOUSLY

Here’s what we did for a client.

Social Media Video Is The Superpower

That site will tell and show you everything you need to know. Helping You Build Your platform Success

You will have to monitor your analytics for social media. We just discovered a new one for us.

GOOGLE My Business

  • Create a post with a button to LEARN MORE that points to your website.
  • Share the post on all social media platforms. There is an option on the post to do that AFTER it is published.
  • WhatsApp Business can help you too in connecting with your Audience or customers with ease.
  • This we just discovered from analytics. We saw that creating a post that goes on GOOGLE at 6:30 pm ON SUNDAY, people read it and click through.
  • Google+ free Google social platform which you can access using your Google Address.
  • LinkedIn for us only one day and time sees any clicks. 9 a.m. on Thursdays.
  • Pinterest is also here for you to gather more interesting topics and reviews

Summary on Google AdSense

Google AdSense is very cool, you can earn a lot of Cach there if you are Focus, Patient and Beleive in your Self.

Then, I tell you Sincerely that ” All is Well”.

I Hope this is helpful? share this post, your Comments, and suggestions.


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