Here is what you need; The Complete Beginner Lifters Guide from start to finish and More to The Workout plan for better Complete Beginner Lifters Exercise.

Complete Best Exercises for Beginner Lifters

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In the following slides, Smith outlines the best moves for all the seven-movement patterns mentioned at left, plus an extra squat variation, because everyone needs solid wheels. Perform all eight moves in order (for each week), completing all the prescribed sets and reps for one before moving on to the next.

Complete Beginner Lifters guide

Do this three times per week, resting a day in between each session, for four weeks. If you’re feeling up to it, pick a couple of accessory moves (see the last slide), depending on what you want to work on, to do after your workout.

1. Half-Kneeling Dumbbell Press (Vertical Push)

The Complete Beginner Lifters Guide … Steps 1

WHY DO IT: More shoulder strength, muscle mass, stability, and core stability.
DO IT: From a half-kneeling position, drive a dumbbell, held in the hand opposite of the front leg, overhead.
SMITH SAYS: “The half-kneeling setup builds core stability, glute activation, and shoulder strength, while also promoting hip mobility by stretching the hip flexor on the trail leg.”

First Week: 4 x 4 (per leg)
second Week: 4 x 5 (per leg)
Third Week: 4 x 6 (per leg)
Fourth Week: 4 x 8 (per leg)

The Complete Beginner Lifters Guide … Steps 2

The Complete Beginner Lifters Guide … Step 4

The Complete Beginner Lifters Guide … Step 5

The Complete Beginner Lifters Guide … Step 6

The Complete Beginner Lifters Guide … Step

The Complete Beginner Lifters Guide … Step 8

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