Chrome Extensions for WordPress users – If you are a Writer mainly, who build your website with WordPress the same are two in one and browse the web with Chrome. But you should know that this two market leaders can actually team-up and be more productive.

In this article, I have shared some of the Best chrome-Extensions for all types of WordPress users.
Well, not all of these chrome extensions are exclusive to WordPress. They can do more to help you be more productive when working with WordPress sites.
WordPress Chrome Extensions

Install WordPress plugins Search By Addendio – chrome extensions

If you happen to be a heavy blogging user, WordPress plugin search by Addendio help you figure on the list of Top WordPress plugin from chrome extensions.
It uses the search engine from the and help you quickly find the right on with that will lead to pages of plugin listing which you can select the plugin you want.
Besides, Addendio plugin search provides additional information of the plugin and the rating of the plugins. Which will help you know when the premium of the plugin is available and also have some features to help you narrow your search.
Better-yet, the extension help quick test the plugin on your site to play around with the plugins simply by clicking the try now Button. Awesome right?…

Install WordPress theme sniffer Wpsniffer

Have you ever visited a website and wondered which theme with is using? Well, if you add Wpsniffer to your browser you will have a good change of finding out the themes with ease.
This plugin detects the theme which is currently active on any WordPress site. The real easy way to check out themes in action and possibly see how other websites have made customization on the theme before you buy or use them free.

Install WordPress Tutorials By Wpcompendium

We all know how to access help from WordPress dashboards? Simply by clicking the help options but do you know that there is an extension for them same purpose.
Are you a WordPress beginner? Wpcompendium is one of the WordPress chrome extensions that you do not want to miss or skip. It helps you learn more on how to use WordPress with hundreds of step by step tutorials all available at a single click.
However, the tutorials covers every aspects of WordPress and help you learn more on problem troubleshooting on WordPress sites.

Install WordPress Admin Bar control by Eran Schorllhorm

Every WordPress admin bar at the top of every WordPress screen is a handy tool that can help you greatly improve work flow and to customize but sometimes, it can also help you in a the way why designing the site.
In such cases, use the WordPress admin bar from the chrome extensions to temporarily hide and view the bar.
Do you want to hide the bar? Simply click on the WordPress extension and it is done. Also to remove the bar from hiding click again on the extension and it shows again instantly.
One of the WordPress chrome extensions that simply works instantaneously on click and unclick.

Install WordPress site Manager by Zach Adams

Next on this list is WordPress site manager, on the extension that helps you manage multiple WordPress websites. After adding it to your browser you can submit the details for the site thatnyou manage as follows;
Click on the WordPress site manager at the top right hand side
Select Add site button which you are expected to add the following
Site Tittle
WordPress site Username
WordPress Site Password
Finally, Tap on Add red button below to manage as any website as you want.
Then after, you will be able to go directly to the following on the website you have added;
Home, stylesheet, Dashboard and pages of the web site in question. You can also move between sites, edit them and new ones. Using this extension you also be able to access theme editor and make quick changes on your theme.
Besides, it have functionality to do WordPress theme editor such as saving files without reloading the page, coloring column for easy identification and improve search and replace functions.

Install Grammarly by

If you write on the web, Grammarly for chrome is really your top choice which you can easily add from chrome extensions on the go. It automatically proofreads your contents and catches a much verities of errors. And best of all, it works inside the WordPress Editor.
If you wish, you can type directly into a cleaner Grammarly which you can access by clicking an icon on the bottom of the text box in your editor and what’s more, it is possible to between your WordPress editor and the Grammarly cleaner with just a click.
However, I personal used the webbase App every time I do most of my writings which helps me a lot.

Install Shareholic for Google Chrome by

Shareholic for Google Chrome is a cool extension that let you share contents on many social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, pinterest and about 300 plus social media free services.
This extension is not just for WordPress users but it’s a helpful way to share your own contents to multiple networks at once.

Install similar web by

Similar web is one of the biggest popular chrome extensions that are particular useful to engage website traffic and website analysis. After adding to your browser you now access the web in an easy go way.
In an instance, you will be able to find similar websites and click on the browser icon to check out they search engine rankings as well as know the volume and origin of traffic. You will also the the traffic rate, keyword ranking, and the engagement rate of the website. Thus, it provides you with the digital trends and social media traffic source for the website.

Install awesome Screenshot by

This is to help you take a free screenshot of any web page crop it and select only a portion of the page you want. Well, awesome screen shot helps you to editor screen shot of photos right from your browser which you can get just the size you want.
Once you have edited the image as you want, you will be able to save it locally, copy to clipboard, pest to Gmail, Facebook, twitter, etc. Print or share with one click on any of the icon.

Install session Buddy by

Why looking up any thing on the web, it usual to open multiple Tabs at the same time. How you would like to leave it open for a while and more to return to the same set of tab later? That’s where session buddy excellently works.
It acts as a section or book mark manager. Allowing you save all open tabs and restore them later with a single click. This free up memory and reduce cluster on the browser’s interface. Helping you save many tabs in a organized way in multiple sessions and give a tittle to each session in an organized way.
However, to create sessions a very easy as you click on the session buddy tabs can be imported or exported easily.
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