Who’s an upcoming artiste?

An upcoming artiste is that artiste who hasn’t broken into the mainstream, and this is to say that he is known only in his locality. Every Upcoming Artiste wants to levitate to a superstar but there might be a lot of challenges and problem countering their efforts to become a super Star and those challenges and problems are what we tend to look at in this article;…
The problems facing every upcoming artist include the following listed below:


An upcoming artiste


** Little or No capital is the first encounter every upcoming artiste is meant to face. And 8.5/10 of upcoming artiste are broke and Music industry these days doesn’t require talent only it involves cash to help publicize or promote the talent. An artist who just relies on their talent finds it very difficult to gain a better platform for the whole world to see their talent and potential but when one has no money to even afford a good recording and voicing of songs talk less of promoting record how do you expect such an Artiste to turn a superstar. Even ones who seek to collaborate with superstar acts as a strategy to use expose themselves to the world can’t even afford to book any because of a low fund.

-POOR PRODUCTION ‘upcoming artiste’

**Poor production of music surfaces as a result of no money to afford a better production. In Nigeria to be precise Most good and prolific producer’s charge is been placed in the height that only super artiste could afford them because superstar artists are expected to have already started making money from Music. But in the case of toddler artiste who has no or little income, it is always reversed meanwhile for a music to captive people’s heart and attention, the sound quality and Engineering of the sound doesn’t have to amateur.

Most times we get to listen to songs and almost fall in love with the song because of the song’s good content and lyrics which only the artiste can contribute to but at the end of the day the production of song wouldn’t be clear or neat and the first thing that comes to every individual’s mind listening than is that “the song is owned by upcoming” and such utterances coupled with what the listeners have heard makes it hard for an Upcoming to gain Fan and supporters. And to some extent a music doesn’t require a good production, it’s more of a good producer who does understands the artiste’s pattern and potentials and is determined to bring out the best in the Artiste.

Possibly for a hit song to emerge, there must be chemistry between an Artiste and the fingers producing the track to harmonize the whole sound and bring out the perfect result.

-POOR PUBLICITY ‘upcoming artiste’

**Most time we don’t know how it does happen but we get to see artistes who have good works, I mean speaking of the song Content & production quality, the song might be A1 but the problem is how to get the song out on the street, in the media and on top blogs to help publicize and promote the record.
Most Artiste has come up with good tracks and Even video projects but to get this out on the media is been crippled down by less finance. The music industry these days is filled with politics only the ones with cash break into it this day.

-STUDYING MARKET DEMAND ‘upcoming artiste’

**Market demands are one of the consideration every upcoming should look at before bringing a record because is just a music industry again, it’s more of a music business now and if your products (music) fit the market demand it means you will sale more. Citing example in the normal Nigerian society Afro-Pop and Dancehall songs seems to be the preference of most Nigerians and Artistes who do provide such records tend sale above others who focuses on another genre like Hip-hop and R&B.

For an upcoming to gain the votes and support of the people he must tend to be good in providing what the people really want to hear, even if this will require one switching up his brand and most times with intentions of bringing it back once the person gets relevant and recognized Cc *Burna Boy* latest Album *“OUTSIDE“* most track from the album are so so un – Nigerian but he is able to still pull the market demand because of the height he is now. So every upcoming should tend to meet up with market demands.


**Label mismanagement has ended the career of many promising young artistes, Upcoming acts in their strive and eagerness to blow most time get to sign record deals with labels that end up been a bad decision for their Career.

Meanwhile, most record label just wants to exploit an artiste some signs you and puts you on the bench most times as backup singer and ghostwriter to them while you watch them squander resources to promote acts who they might consider to be more precious than you without attending to your own needs.

If we get to investigate one will find out that there’s been artiste who have got record deals with a label but ain’t able to release tracks not even hit songs. The much they could do is make posts on social media and show in other artistes music video.

In some cases, artistes are been exploited for their hard work because some artistes tend to the ones gaining money for their record label but the percentage they are given seems to look like extortion and exploitation.

-ZERO HARD WORK ‘upcoming artistes’

*Most upcoming artistes are not creative, innovative and hardworking; This means that they don’t bring in unique skill in their music. Most artistes in the industry sound the same and for one to divert the attention of people to himself he has to be good in what you do, come up with something People hasn’t heard before.

This gives him the advantage over others because it reduces his competition because of his unique style, talking of the likes of *Falz* and*Simi* they all brought in this unique style that made easily accepted and cherished in the music scene.
Most artiste don’t work hard instead they wanna sound like a *Wizkid* and *Davido* whereas they can work on themselves to bring in unique energy.

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