*Boom Player Review* Music is something I cannot stay without,

Imagine been sentenced to prison without listening to any form of Music?? That’s worst than a death penalty to some people. I love Music a lot with quality audio setup while listening to it. Quality headphones plus my genre of music can make go a day without noticing I haven’t eaten, Yes! More reason why I would love to comment and appreciate Boom music player, an app that every music lover would love to use.

With it features very simple for everyone to run
— as it doesn’t need much technically specifications, as simple as “Clap! clap!!” even for the handicapped.


Boom Player* Oh well it’s a music app but you can get access to and watch videos on your mobile from the platform.
* The boom player album playlist is so organized that it is set to arrange them the official way it’s been released. Just the exact Google player does.
* You have the opportunity to listen to any music you want online and watch videos as well.
* The app keeps you updated with the latest music as long your phone mobile date is On
* As you can buy music from the app with your Coins.
* For people that like looking unique and customized things. You can get to insert your image as your wall theme on your boom player
* There are options to select your headphone type, and even touch specific 3D surround speakers to alter your experience.
* There are also concessions for crossfade, a visualizer toggle, and a sleep backward.

The Flaws of Boom player

* Like any other music app, from the notification drawer you only have to option to Forwarding skip music, there’s no provision for backward skip as you must go into the app to skip music backward

* The idea of using Coin could be stressful to one as it requires airtime for one to buy coins. Maybe using just data plan to cop music from the app would have been more straightforward like Xiami player.

* The app doesn’t make provisions for users to share music with other devices.

* To some data consumption conscious personal they may prefer the app operates offline and doesn’t bring in Ads and notification when data is on.

Download KMPlayer

Download BoomPlay

Spotify Web Player Download


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