this is one of the best social dating site having many features which we will out-list and explain below this article, is made up of millions of users in which thousands join every month…

This social dating site is made-up of active matches who are interested about their fellow member, with this site you can easily find your active match whether you are male seeking for female or female looking male matches or vice versa. offers all free-ranging from free membership, free contact backup, free contact search for users in any country of your choice, self-check on the profile of any member for matching purpose etc…

steps on how to register active dating free

Below are formed in which you have to fill appropriately for swift matching.
first, you have to read via this “I hereby confirm, that the below information is truthful. I have read and accepted the “rules” I am required to follow to be a member of out the form below with your personal data. Privacy policy “. below are the rules

Rules to follow while being a member of

It is easy to have a profile on, but there are some simple rules that MUST be followed to get the best service.

You have to be at least 18 years old to be a member of

When you enter your email address, it has to be your own. By entering your email address, you also accept that may send out newsletters from time to time. It is illegal to enter a fake or someone else email address.

In the text box “Describe yourself and your wishes” it is not allowed to enter your email address, telephone number, address, or any other type of contact information. The text may not be commercial, discriminating or in any other way, offensive.

The pedophilia content of any kind, or any other illegal content, will be reported to the authorities, along with IP address and any proper information.
If you add a photo to your profile, it may not contain any sort of contact information. reserves the right to remove any content, including photos and profiles, that does not comply with the above.

You may only create one profile on Creating more they will all be deleted without notice.

We wish you all the best of luck and hope that you may find what you are looking for on
Having the above rules of BLOMBI.COM in mind, below are how to register on this special dating platform

Join - Find A Perfect Soulmate Today - Absolutely No Cost!

How to join sweet dating platform

step 1. click on the official site link provided here “sweet and swift dating”

step 2. you will be faced with a platform with a form which you have to fill as directed below

Enter your Username “………..”
Enter your choice of the password “……….”
Input your Email address “……[email protected]

NOTE: You must use a working email address infilling of this form for the registration to receive your registration confirmation(verification) code, please if you don’t have a well-working email address follow any of your choice of email service provider here to create new one free and continue your registration >GOOGLE EMAIL CREATION<>YAHOO EMAIL CREATION<>YANDEX EMAIL CREATION<>QQ EMAIL CREATION<>MICROSOFT EMAIL CREATION<

Confirm your Email address “……”.
select your location ” country you are living in at the moment”…….
Enter the city you are in the country “……..”: Do not abbreviate the city name
Select your gender type
1. I am a male seeking a female
2. I am a female seeking a male
3. Am a male seeking a male
4. I am a female seeking a female

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Steps on how to register active dating free

Select your Ethnicity from the list below
Middle Eastern
Native American
Mixed race
Other Ethnicity

Select your age between 18-90 years
Select your Height “….”
Select the Age range of partner you need “…”
Finally, click the create profile button “Create profile”
To complete your registration login to your email address and click on the verification button. congrats you have successfully registered

Join - Find A Perfect Soulmate Today - Absolutely No Cost!
Join – Find A Perfect Soulmate Today – Absolutely No Cost!

The amazing features of swift dating site

* Free Dating Profile
* Free Membership
* Photo Album
* Free Profile Picture
* Free Contact backup
* Search of matches in any location in the world
* Free Message Service
* offline notification
* Everything is 100% free

How to log in to your account

click on

enter your  username “……”

enter your password “…..”

Then click enter button known as “Login”

How to recover your forgotten password on

visit the link “recover my forgotten password”

You will be sent an email

Then follow the cool steps


You can drop your email, mobile and location in the comment box below for your easier active matches, don’t forget to comment below.


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