Avengers Infinity War 2019 Review – What will Happen is here? … On this page is all you need to know about the Upcoming Avengers Infinity War 2019 Review.

Avengers Infinity War 2019 Review

Avengers Infinity War 2019 Review

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Has finally been seen by me. I must say the movie is so far the best, electrifying, intriguing and mind-blowing SuperHero movie of 2018, well for now until DC’s Aquaman will be released. That will determine if Avengers: Infinity War will retain that position or not.

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Aquaman is been directed by James Wan who was the director behind Fast and Furious 7, which was a success both critically and box officingly grossing over $1.5 billion, you know what that means right. So we should expect a lot from James Wan in his upcoming superhero movie, “Aquaman”.

Coupled with the fact that WB is going to do anything possible to effect the redemption, salvation, and back on track of DCU and the Aquaman movie is the movie they wanna use to achieve that. Aquaman is going to serve as a beacon and the beginning of a new phase for DCEU, hopefully, a brighter and delightful one.

This we hope and wish.

Well, enough of the Aquamanish. This article isn’t about Aquaman or DCEU but it’s a review, my personal review and opinion, about the Avengers: Infinity War movie. So let get this started and wrap it up. Time to shake things up.

As I said earlier, Avengers: Infinity War was on point. It was solid, captivating, salivary ingesting inducing, action-packed, tragedic, brute and of course a Comedic relief thanks to the guardians of the galaxies (excluding Gamora), tony stark, Bruce Banner (Gosh, I never thought that guy could be funny), Peter Parker and Thor (at some point).
But just as every other thing ever made by man, who is an imperfect being, Avengers: Infinity War has it own loopholes and things to criticize negatively, a lot of them. This I will be talking about.


I must say the action scenes of Avengers: Infinity War was dope and solid. Highly electrifying and entertaining. Thanos was on point, the Avengers were on point, the guardians of the galaxies were on point, Thanos children and lieutenants were also on point. As a matter of fact, every single character was on point. They gave in their best and their shot.


Avengers: Infinity War has it’s share of emotional scenes which will incite and induce the tear glands of it viewers (even if it’s the devil itself) to be active causing an empathical and emotional feeling surging through their system. Emotional scenes that really cracked me emotionally were:

A.) StarLord And Gamora At The Hands Of Thanos When She Told Him To Kill Her If Thanos Helds Her Captive:
Gosh, it was damn emotional. Imagine having to kill your Love just to save the world. Although Starlord was reluctant to do it, he just had to but the outcome was hilarious, Thanos turned the released bullet from his gun into bubbles thanks to the reality stone. The look of shock, confusion, suprise and somewhat relief (for starlord) on the faces of starlord and gamora was funny.

B.) Thanos And Gamora When He Had To Sacrifice Her In Exchange For The Mind Stone:

Gosh, I never imagined, Thanos, the almighty Thanos, could cry talk more of even loving someone deeply. Gamora actually taught that was game over for Thanos since he never actually loved anyone, she taunted and mocked him only for her to find out that he actually loved someone so dearly and that person was her. The look of shock on her face was priceless.

Having to sacrifice your love one and watch her die in exchange for a stone and a dream is not only emotional but traumatic. It wasn’t easy for Thanos to make such decision but he had to since there wasn’t any alternative, if there was, he wouldn’t have.

I felt emotional and touched seeing tear in Thanos eyes. He truly loved Gamora and he had to pay a huge price for it.

Also seeing the little Gamora crying after Thanos snapped his finger before astral projecting to whatever realm he astral projecting where the young gamaro asked “what did it cost” and Thanos replied [i]”everything” was highly emotional even for Thanos.

Avengers Infinity War 2019 Review …

C.) The Scene Where Scarlet Witch had To Destroy The Mind Stone On Vision’s Forehead Thus killing Him:

A situation were by the only way to save the head is to cut it off is not only painful but hurting, emotional traumatic and it’s worse when the head is a love one or belongs to a love one ad it’s worse when you have to be the one to cut it off.
That was the scenario with scarlet witch and vision where the only way to stop Thanos is by destroying the mind stone on vision’s head thus killing him and it’s worse when it has to be scarlet witch that has to do it on his insistence. It was truly emotional and hurting for scarlet witch as she watched Vision die at her hands while staring at her. It was hurting when before he (Vision) went kaboom, he said to her “I love You”, Gosh it was highly uncontrollable and immensely emotional. I will never be in such situation, NEVER.


Avengers: Infinity war was a comedic relief. Despite having it’s action packed, emotional, tragedic and brute scenes, it also had tons of comedic scenes that cracked the viewers up with laughter. So far Avengers: Infinity war is the most funny marvel movie and superhero movie of all time. I will be highlighting comedic/funny scenes in the movie although I won’t be able to highlight all because they were damn much. The movie was partially comedic most especially the scenes involving the guardians of the galaxies.

The Highlights:

A.) Doctor Strange: We need to protect the time stone at all cost

Tony Stark: Why don’t we hand it over to the garbage disposal.

Really, stark, really!!!!!

Bi.) The scenes were Starlord became possessive of Gamora all because of Thor. He automatically became her chaperone. The drama between the trio was damn funny.

Bii.) The scene were Thor had to sympathise with Gamora after he found out that she is the daughter of Thanos.

Biii.) The scenes were starlord had to deepen his voice when speaking to Thor to show his the captain of the ship but his friends and colleagues had to “fall his hands”, the ensuing dialogues were damn funny:

***starlord deepening his voice while speaking to Thor***

Rocket: Are you deepening your voice quilt

Starlord: That’s my voice.

***Starlord deepens his voice again while speaking to Thor***

Mantis: Ah ha, he has done it again.

Starlord: I say that’s my voice.

Gosh, that scene was really rib cracking.

Biv.) The scene were starlord and gamora kissed only for them to find out that drax has been watching them for the past one hour and drax reaction when Mantis came into the picture was something else. Really funny and hilarious.

Bv.) Starlord: I know you are going with him because you know that’s where Thanos isn’t.

Avengers Infinity War 2019 Review …

Rocket: You really shouldn’t talk to your captain that way

Starlord and Rocket with their hilarious banter as usual.

Bv.) Starlord: Where is gamora?

Tony Stark: Who is gamora?

Drax: Why is gamora?

I call that scene, THE GAMORA PARADOX. Damn funny.

Bvi.) As a matter of fact almost all the scenes involving the guardians of the galaxies were comical.

C.) ***Bruce banner unable to transform into the hulk***

Tony Stark: You are embarrassing me Bruce.

D.) I can’t believe the Almighty Hulk refused transformation. Thanos really gave him the beating of his life. Gosh can you imagine that smackdown slam Thanos gave to Hulk. Thanos humbled Hulk via beating to the point Hulk refused fighting. He rejected transformation. That was rib cracking.

E.) I never knew Bruce Banner is a comedian.

F.) Rocket: How much for the gun?

Bucky Banes: It’s not for sale.

Rocket: What about the arm?

G.) The look on Okoye’s face when Scarlet Witch save her and black widow from being crushed by those giant wheels was priceless.

Okoye: (suprised, shocked and flummoxed) What was she doing up there all this while.

Ask me oh, miss.

H.) They were tons of funny and comedic scenes. Avengers: Infinity War was funny, hilarious and comical.


Despite the fact Avengers: Infinity War comprise of lot’s of action, emotional and comedic scenes including lots of characters and locations, they were still able to blend them perfectly into the movie. For that, I give it up to Marvel.
DC, learn from that…..


Avengers: Infinity War comprised of cool dialogues. The below are some of my Favourites, guess what, most of them are that of Thanos himself:

A.) Thanos: In time you will realize what’s like to fail. To feel so desperate that you are right but you are wrong all the same.
Dread it, run from it, destiny still arrives.

B.) Thanos: When I am done, half of humanity will still be alive. I hope they remember you.

C.) Thanos: You are not the only one caused with knowledge.

D.) Thanos: I never taught you how to lie, that’s why you are so bad at it.

E.) T’challa: Evacuate the city, engage all defences and get this man a shield.

Avengers Infinity War 2019 Review …

F.) Gamora: The entire time I knew him, he only had one goal, to wipe out of half of the life in the universe and with the infinity stones he will be able to do it with the snap of his fingers (snaps finger). Like that.

G.) Gamora: You call killing salvation?

H.) Tony Stark: Why did you do that?

Doctor Strange: We are in the end game now.

I.) Loki: I call experience, experience.

J.) Thanos: All that for a drop of blood.

K.) Thanos: You should have gone for the hand.


That’s one thing I love about Marvel. They don’t overhype or hype their characters even they hype, they do it at a little scale or moderately. Every superhero character in Marvel has a thick and thin moment. Marvel tried to balance their characters to prevent the superiority of a character or group of characters over another or others.

There is a time when a character is seen as an almighty, unstoppable and all-powerful being and there is also a time when that same character will be portrayed as being weak, underpowered and in some cases as a victim. They try to balance their characters in terms of their portrayal, ability, and super poweredness.

Take, for example, Vision. A vision was portrayed as extremely powerful in Avengers:

Age Of Ultron and In Captain America: Civil War but take a look at the vision in Avengers: Infinity War, he is portrayed as weak or underpowered. The villain vision couldn’t fight off within Scotland when he and scarlet witch were attacked was not only beaten but was stabbed and injured by the black widow.

They try to balance Vision by not hyping him off like an almighty hero but as a hero with lapses also unlike DC who overhype their characters, e.g, Superman who is overhyped as an almighty, unconquerable an unbeatable hero.
I hope DC will learn from Marvel in terms of non-hyping of characters.


That’s one thing I love about Avengers: Infinity War and other Marvel Movies as well. The fights scenes are always brute, non-super powered, intense and realistic involving lots of hands to hand physical combat and martial arts skills. Despite the fact that the Avengers are super-powered being, they still choose to rely less on their superpowers but more on their physical combatant skills. This makes the movie less superpowered and more physical in combat and nothing turns me on than that.
This shows that with or without their super powers the Avengers are up to the task.
Not forgetting the cool stunts in the movie also, they were mind blowing.
One more thing, Caps is one hell of a runner.


Despite the action packed, emotional and comedic elements or themes in the movie, one can’t forget the fact that Avengers: Infinity War is one hell of a brutal, intense and tragedic movies thanks to the Mad Titan himself, THANOS.
Lots of our favourite Avengers died.
Thanos still got his hands on all the six Infinity Stones.
Thanos wiped out half of life in the universe via the Infinity Stones with a snap of his finger. Now what’s more tragedic than that.
All hope lost.
Painful, goose pimple inducing, tearful, nauseating, terrible, brutal and intense deaths occurred. Take for example, the death of Heindall at the hands of Thanos, gosh that was a painful and terrible way to die.
Let me not forget Iron man’s awesome suit.
Thanos gauntlet was way out of this world.
Thor’s stormbreaker was wow.
So Marvel is trying to tell us that Gamora isn’t up 20 years. Well that proves my theory “that Maturity is not About age but Choice”
Marvel just let us know that Thor is 15000 years old, really, and he is still that young?
So Nebula actually thought she could defeat or kill Thanos all by herself. So funny. What a mentality.


All the Avengers: Infinity War characters were amazing but that didn’t relent me from having my top 3 pick. These characters blew my mind away. They are:

A.) Ebony Maw:

This Character is so far my favourite character, he is just too good but unfortunately, thanks to Marvel, he wasn’t given enough screen time.

He is a good orator. He actually gave the Avengers a tough time. The only way he was defeated was when Iron Man ejected him out of his space ship trickingly. The look on his face after been Ejected out of his space ship was damn funny.

His telekinetic and telepathic power are way out of this world. He doesn’t even need to stretch a muscle to fight, he will do that without moving an inch with his Telekinetic and Telepathy powers which he is awesomely good at using.
Ebony Maw, and I repeat, Ebony Maw will defeat Thanos (without the infinity stones) in battle. He doesn’t need to do anything or perform a stunt or even move his body, with his Telekinetic and Telepathic powers, he will give Thanos (without the Infinity Stones) the beating of his life and likewise defeat him without breaking a sweat.

B.) Thor:

Here is a guy driven with passion, anger, revenge and grievance towards one man, Thanos. His sole aim is to destroy Thanos. He was ready to put his life on the line so as to make the weapon (Stormbreaker) that will unlife Thanos. meanwhile, He was the only Avenger that was a match for Thanos. He injured Thanos severely but was unable to kill or stop him because he “didn’t go for the hand.” thus giving Thanos the slightest opportunity to escape.
He was a beacon to the Avengers. When all hope was lost, he arrived, rallied and motivated them to battle again.

C.) Thanos:

The Mad Titan. He isn’t on my list because he is the villain but because he is a tyrant, brute, heartless and determine soul. He is ready to kill without thinking twice. Ready to sacrifice to reach his goal. Ready to crush any obstacle and barrier to get his hands on all Infinity stones. Nothing, not even Love, could stop him. I can’t believe he destroyed his home planet, Titan, just to carry out his quest. And of course he is a fighter.


*Determination, Endurance and Sacrifice precedes Success and dream/goal actualisation as can be seen in the case of Thanos and Thor.

*Emotions should be checkmate else the result could be catastrophic and regretting as in the case of Starlord. If he had controlled his emotions after finding out about the death of gamora, Thanos would have been defeated. Thanos was already over powered before he let his emotions take over him thus disrupting an almost successful plan.
Statlord should have controlled himself till after the successful extraction of the infinity stones gauntlet from the hands of Thanos, then he would have let his emotions control him by doing whatsoever he wanted to do to Thanos. Like seriously, I felt getting into the movie and slapping the hell out of him.
This brings us to another lesson,

*Self Control.

*Know when to pass certain information or say certain things and when not to. The case study for this is Nebula. She shouldn’t have passed the information of the death of Gamora to the team until the successful extraction of the infinity stone gauntlet knowing that Starlord might go berserk and disrupt the plan.


I love the fact that Loki stood for a good course this time around. There was no mischief and deceit from him (well except in the case where he want(ed) to kill Thanos via his deceit and mischief before he was strangle to death by Thanos who caught him the nick of time). For once I thought Loki was a villain or a betrayal when I saw him hand over the tetras to Thanos in the Avengers: Infinity War Trailer but he proved me wrong.
He died a hero. Read More.


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