As a matter of Fact y’all needs to listen by Raizor Omar

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Raizor Omar seems to be very Conscious in his output, the vibrant BKN act brings you a very Conceptual tale of really addressing the societal ills and challenges facing the Nigerian state. As a matter of Fact…

As a matter of Fact

As a matter of Fact y'all needs to listen by Raizor Omar

This track is very real that anybody can relate with, he conveys a message in a very artistic way that every Nigerians needs to listen to.

Some quotable lyrics from the tune are.

“As a matter of fact,
Speaking of one Nigeria
Is that sentence correct?
how python go dey dance
for democratic Government?
I just want to hear ur opinion
Just drop ur comment”.

The song which was mixed and mastered by X1 has gained him a recognition and a platform to keep bringing in his brand.

Download and enjoy.

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