Do you need an assistant on your device? Try Android assistant manager to help you guide your device and have a full control of your files today. Download free Google App assistant manager for Android and Apple devices. Advice monitoring, App killer, App2SD and more.

The Android assistant – best device manager

Android assistant App download

How best can this App manage your device? There are various ways in which this App will help in a long way to get your mobile device management better.
Under device monitoring/ processes/tools
Cache clear
System clear
Bath install
Bath uninstall
Device backup and restore
App2SD mover
Startup manager
Battery usage manager
File manager
System info
Device Permission manager
App killer
Remove Ad’s
Brightness manager
Notification and ringing setup and many more
However, from the look of things, you will see that with Android assistant App some Apps will not be needed on your device. thereby make your device load faster, also smarter device performance…

How to use an android assistant to backup and restore App or Files?

In-app world today, there are some Apps which when you install of on your device can’t be sent to another device or for you to create a shareable file of the software you have to back up the App to your device storage space, android assistant is the best App for that which can allow you get any App raw data ‘files’ in a matter of seconds with the steps as follows…
In your device tap on the App menu and screw on the App list to Tap on the android assistant App icon to launch
On Assistant manager interface, screw down and Tap on backup and restore
Select the Apps you want to backup and Tap backup.
Wait for the backup to complete.
Now, press back button and Tap on file manager
Look for a folder by name Android assistant App backup folder.
In the folder will be all your App backup files.
Download Android best assistant manager
Download android assistant free for Android App support device. You can still get the app as you search ‘ android Assistant ‘ on play store or iTunes store for either android or Apple devices download also for other devices you can get at android App assistant Support.
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