This Question is for you and me to answer;

“All browsers are the same, right?”

How best can you compare these Web Browsers? …

The List of All Browsers for Mobile and PC Devices

There are the topmost in sue web browsers today;

All Browsers

The Key Talk Here – FireFox The Best Web Browser today

What More do you need to know about The Fox Browser’s Mission? … Hear them out;

Firefox is on a mission

— to be faster and leaner than ever,

always respectful of your privacy and open like no other browser out there.

Firefox is built for people, not profit.

Firefox is part of Mozilla’s mission to keep you in control of your online experience and ensure that the web stays weird, healthy and inviting to all.

When you browse with Firefox, you’re supporting a not-for-profit organization that fights for net neutrality, promotes sensible copyright reform in the EU, teaches web literacy around the world and keeps a close eye on the overall health of the internet.

firefox All Browsers

We’re here to help you go your own way online and give you the power to browse freely, without being tracked or profited from.

Because you are not a product. You’re an explorer on the open web. You deserve something different. Something better.

We’ve got your back,

This Massage is directly from The Official FireFox Database.




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