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Welcome to SomicTech (ST) – A community of enthusiastic bloggers who are popularly known Worldwide!. These are bloggers who are living an internet lifestyle or are currently moving in that direction.

Here is what you will find on SomicTech:

    • 45% practical tips to raise & earn money from your blog; the other 55% is for outstanding Tips and Update which you will see all we provide from the category list.
    • Basic & advanced money making techniques. Entertainment download tips, This is all pretty cool stuff but still, that is not just all.
    • community of like-minded blogger who hangs out & talks about blogging on our dedicated forum for bloggers.
  • Online marketing tips for entrepreneurs, start-ups & businesses.
  • Complete “Blogging-SEO” of inbound marketing to increase traffic, brand value.
  • Exclusive deals & discounts for your blogs.
  • Free video guides & tutorials to simplify complex blogging jargon.
  • iOS App & Android App to learn to blog on the go.
  • Tech-Update: providing new technology update for trending tech products.
  • Lifestyle – providing you with the best of lifestyle for your choice of life plans and amendments.
  • Social media- connecting you with the world at large from the various top social media which you can easily find your perfect match or life partner.
  • Lyrics- always here to update you on the composition of all music near and far from you.
  • Library- do you love reading books reviews are our watchword at somictech.com/library.
  • TV Shows and TV series – creating the opportunity for your entertainment which helps to ease worries.
  • Mobile and PC Sofware reviews – making you very prepared for the kind and type of software you download.
  • Website review: providing a very clear understanding of websites worldwide, clearly stating their terms and conditions and their services.


About us, How SomicTech.com Logo Was Formed

About us SomicTech.com Logo

A very Good friend of mine by Name Daniel Akaibiam helped me out, just as simple as it is represented still we believe may be in the later future changes may be made.

About us Prince somic Macpherson (That’s me)


Location: Abakaliki at Ebonyi state in Nigeria

Contact number: +2348034423628

A graduate of Ebonyi State University

Course: Computer Science

Nike name: SomicMacpherson but Most people do call me Somic or Mr. Somic

A Computer Software Engineer and scientist”Programmer” by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart.❤ Fountainhead of SomicTech (Outstanding blog), Followers at various international forums.

Facebook username “Somicmacpherson”.

Twitter username”somicmacpherson“.

Email Gmail and Yahoo usernames – [email protected] and [email protected]

Life motto: Nothing is Impossible! Just be Focus. As Technology & Science.

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