Top Tricks on WhatsApp Features: It is not a wonder that in the recent Years WhatsApp became a hug part of our lives. It’s convince, pretty east to use. However; Everyone probably have big WhatsApp Contacts on their device and spends hours each day to chat up with their friends, families or catch up with some events.

Here we collected 15 Secret WhatsApp Features you properly have not had about. Like Do you Know how to find out the exact Time someone read your Message? Read the Following Hidden Tricks and see more features you get to enjoy WhatsApp more.

Top 15 Secret WhatsApp Features

Here are the list ofĀ WhatsApp Features we have for you today;

15 Font-Changing:

14 Font Styles:

13 Most Popular Contacts

12 Muting Group Chats:

11 Making Personal Information Private:

10 Stop Auto-Saving:

9 Adding Dates to The Calendar:

8 Add A Chat Link To Your Home Screen:

7 Send Your Messages Using Siri:

6 Back Your Chat Messages:

5 Send A Giant Beating Hearth:

4 Star The Messages:

3 Secretly Reading Messages:

2 Disable Previews:

1 Find Out The Exact Time Someone Has Read your Text:

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No.15 Font-Changing inĀ WhatsApp Features

Not many people knows that you can easily change your Chatting Font To italic on WhatsApp. It is Quite easy just follow these examples [“`Hello“` or “`sweet“`] it is not much but it’s still please cool to use; Right?.
Unfortunatly, this symbol is only available on Android Device for mobile but can be fonth in PC device using the Keyboard or OnScreen Touchpad. Still, for other device you can copy and pest it if you want and it will also work parfectly.

No.14 Font Styles:

Font style changing is also one of the Features you can find on WhatsApp, you can make you massage bold, italic and trick-through the algorithm is pretty much the same e.g For Bold use this e.g *Hello* and you can send italic massage by adding underscores such as _Baby_ While to apply Strick-through by using Tildes for example ~Love~. However, you can combine these three symbol together just like this _~*Hi*~_ you can copy and pest these code now!.

No.13 Most Popular Contacts

Interestingly enough, you can still find out who in you catact you do chat the most but this works only on iOS Devices. Here are the steps you can teke to view the popular contact details;

1. Power you Apple device and Head to Settings
2. Click on Account and Select Storage Usage

Now, you will see the list of all your whatsapp contacts and Groups. As well as the Total Number of Messages you sent and Recived for each one of the th contacts. Just a little be statics would be quite useful, Right?.

No.12 Muting Group Chats:

Are there some Group chats or person dat keep burdening you with massages? Here the best Thing to do if not to block the Group or person;
1. Click on the Chat or the Group or the Person in question
2. Tap on the Option Button above and Select Mute Notification
3. Under Mute Notification you select either 8 Hours, 1 Week or 1 Year.
However, you can easily remove this mute by simply Taking the Step 1 & 2 above and on the third Step you select Show Notification. That’s all once you select OK button.
Beside the above settings, you can always Tap and ope you whatsApp to read either of the muted messages. isn’t it Cool?.

No.11 Making Personal Information Private:

Sometimes we use whats App to talk to people we dearly know. For example World Contacts are some people’s Contacts from other social media. However, it’s not that save you to make all you information for every one to see. Thanks for whatsApp who have made it possible that we can now protect out personal data from dose we don’t want. Here’s the ideal steps to take;

1. Tap on WhatsApp and Go to Settings
2. Hit on Account Key and Select Privacy
Now, you can Control What User can see you or what you post on WhatsApp like the list below;
Last Seen
Profile Photo
The list above has the following sub-options for better WhatsApp Data Display:
Who Can See any of the Above personal display;

My Contacts
My Contacts Except …
Only Share With …

No.10 Stop Auto-Saving:

As you properly already know, WhatsApp Automatically saves all the pictures, videos and Documents that have evenly sent to you. So, Are you sick and tired of seeing and constantly deleting unnecessary photos and Videos from you mobile phone? Worry not; it’s quite easy to stop any auto-saving in WhatsApp with these steps:

Once WhatsApp is launched go to seeting
select Account and Tap on Chats
On-Check the Automatically save Photos and Videos you receive to your phone button.

No.9 Adding Dates to The Calendar:

If you type a particular Date in your Massage, it will appear as a hyperlink. If you Tap on it; You will be given an option to create Event or Copy Date. Once you Tap on Create Event, you can simply add new Event on you Calender with these options (All-day, Start, Ends, Repeat). However, this Feature only works for iOS Devices and You can arrange your entry week on Calender with friends, family and others from WhatsApp.

No.8 Add A Chat Link To Your Home Screen:

You have been texting or pinging someone pretty much through out the day. or you may have a chat you would wich to be chatting with constantly. You can easily add a click on the Contact on your home screen as easy as possible as these steps explains;

All you need here is to Tap on WhatsApp and Tap on the Group or person’s Chat contact, Select the three doted option botton above at your Top side hand-side. From the list Tap on MORE… last button to see more Option and Now you select Add shortcut and that is done. now, you don’t have to go through all your Contacts to see the special Chat content.

No.7 Send Your Messages Using Siri:

Some iphone users proberbly are awear of this features, but for those of you who don’t know that you can send whatsapp just by using siri on your device. Just say ” Hey, siri, Send a WhatsApp To (Name the Contact)” then, you will be able to have the content of your messages. Feeling a little last sometime this feature will assist you the more.

No.6 Back Your Chat Messages:

If you always want to be reading your messages, Here are what you should Do. You can always Backup your chat on icloud for iOS device and for Android users, Google Drive is there to hello you more.
Meanwhile, for you to Back up using iCloud for Apple device here is what is needed. Go to settings and click on chat. select the message you want to back up and Tap and hold them select the kind of backup you want to use email, airdrops etc.
Do you have an android Phone and you want to Backup your WhatsApp Conversations on Google Drive? Here is the quick steps;
Tap on the whatsApp icon from your Device App menu
Select settings and Tap on Account
Select Chat and Click the Backup Chat Button to start.

Know it that you must have a Google Account to make this backup on Google drive Possible. Create an Active Google Drive Account now!.

No.5 Send A Giant Beating Hearth:

This emoji is free of chat and you can send it very easy and fast as follows;
Launch whatsApp and select the Contact you wish to chat with
Tap on Masseging Box and click on Emoji icon
Now, you select the red Heart only and Tap send button. Now you know how to make your loved ones day!.

No.4 Star The Messages:

This means making some messages favorite it on you whatsapp chat for easy access. At time on Whatsapp you can get some messages you will like to Bookmark or save. Here’s the easy way you can get that done in a blink of an eye;
For iOS users here is the simple solution:- Just double Tap on the Message and select the star icon and you are done.
For Android Users – All you need to do is just to Tap and Hold the message and a Star icon will appear above just select the icon. That’s all.

No.3 Secretly Reading Messages:

However, Secretly reading messages is one of the best WhatsApp Features. Why? not every one actually knows you can reed your messages without the read good turning Blue. To be able to do so you have to follow a couple of simple steps to follow;
First of all, when you receive a message don’t open it right away and Dismiss all the notifications. Then, set your Phone on Airplane Mode that will turn your Wi-Fi or internet connection off. After that, you move to your whatsapp and read the text. sincerely speaking, no body will know that you have read the message. However, there is another way to do this which includes these steps;
Tap on setting and select Account
Click on Privacy and Scroll down and uncheck Read receipts Box. that is all for if you turn off read receipts, you won’t be able to see read receipts from other people. but know it that read receipts are always sent for group chats.

No.2 Disable Previews:

Originally, whatsApp sends notifications with the contents of the Messages and all of us properly know some curious people will be interesting to know who send you messages and What the message is about. First taking easily is to display the message on preview for every one to see. Meanwhile, you can disable this feature with these steps;
Go to Setting and Click on notifications
Tap on Popup Notification Button and choose No Pop up From these options;

  • No Popup
  • only when Screen ‘On’
  • only when screen ‘Off’
  • Always show Popup

Now, you Should not worry about someone reading your private or personal chats

No.1 Find Out The Exact Time Someone Has Read your Text:

This Magical Feature Works on both Android and iOS devices. All you have to Do is just Tap and Hold any of your Messages that you are interested in and Choose info button above. There you will see the time message was read and Delivered too. However, you can’t control these last Feature with the secret WhatsApp message reading tricks but still you have these WhatsApp Features details on how to manage you WhatsApp account better.

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